Are you thinking about homeschooling and need more information? Or have you made the decision to homeschool but don’t know how to get started?  This page is for you. Life is full of opportunities to learn and whether it’s intentional or not, learning is happening all the time.


Although there are online schooling options, which are extensions of the public school system, one of the first realizations and distinctions families should make is that homeshchool is not public school at home.  Homeschool poses a different slant to education and the entire educational experience for children.  This means you do not have to fill the traditional role of a teacher as we commonly know them.  The option to homeschool gives a lot of room for flexibility, and even trial and error as you work to find the best learning environment for your child(ren).  Homeschool also gives you the ability to teach life skills and non-academic skills, values or cultural traditions that would not be taught in a traditional school setting.



When you are ready to go, the following steps will help you get started!
  1.  Know Colorado’s Legal Requirements.  Below are links for Letters of Intent. 

  2. Connect with the Kulan Homeschool Community and Facebook page for local activities and to connect with other Homeschool families.

  3. Research and select the Homeschool method that you want to explore.

  4. Select your Curriculum and Resources.

  5. Stay Connected! We are a village and we are here to support you.  It may help to get other members of your tribe to understand your decision and provide additional support.